UCC Multi-Domain SSL

  • Validation: OV

  • Certificate secures even 210 domain names

  • This price certificate secures 3 domains

Secure up to 210 multiple unique domains and sub-domains. Single Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) saves your money - you don't need to buy an individual certificates for domain each. Consolidate your on-line security needs in one UCC, supported by MS® Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013 and OCS 2007.

Other benefits of using UCC:

  • Business-validated certificate,
  • Up to three year certificate term,

Certificate allows you to maintain a high level of security with strong encryption and ID verification capabilities. A Unified Communications Certificate is an easy, comprehensive and economic alternative to securing all your domains and sub-domains under just one certificate.

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  • 99.30% browser recognition

  • 128/256 bit encryption strength

  • Encrypts data transfer on private sites

  • Recommended for medium e-commerce services

  • Full technical customer support

  • Trusted by over 99% mail clients

  • Supported by MS® Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 i OCS 2007

Certificates are supported by

  • IE 5.01+
  • AOL 5+
  • Netscape 4.7+
  • Opera 7+
  • Apple Safari 1.2+
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 1+

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