EV Code Signing

  • Validation: EV

  • Web and e-mail customer support

  • Signs digitally Microsoft VBA Macros for Microsoft Office:

EV code signing certificates combine all of the regular benefits of digitally-signed code with a rigorous extended validation process. They represent the gold standard for authentication and security in code signing certificates. DigiCert’s EV code signing certificates adhere to strict validation standards from the CA/Browser Forum and to Microsoft specifications. Enhanced authentication is provided via an encrypted token containing the private key.

The benefit to having an EV code signing certificate is that your certificate token is stored on an external USB device. This means that only people with the physical device can sign code with your certificate—the certificate doesn’t live on your machine and isn’t exportable.

Code that is signed with an EV certificate establishes your reputation and reduces warning messages with Microsoft’s SmartScreen® Application Reputation filter–instilling trust in end-users. DigiCert EV Code Signing gives you an immediate reputation in Windows® 8 and 8.1 and Internet Explorer® 9, 10, and 11. DigiCert certificates are also compatible with Windows Mobile, Authenticode, Kernel Mode, Office, VBA, Java, Adobe, and more.


  • Show customers that your code and content is safe to download

  • Signs files and applications for all important platforms (such as Windows, Sun Java or Mac)

  • Signs many files types, including .exe, .cab, VBA, Java, .ocx and .dll

  • Is trusted by all major operating systems

  • Technology of Microsoft Authenticode

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