Code Signing - Adobe AIR

  • Signs digitally .air or .airi files for use in Adobe AIR:

  • Show customers that your code and content is safe to download

  • Protect your brand and your reputation

Certificate DigiCert Code Signing Adobe AIR is dedicated to sign applications for Adobe Air as well as different application like Microsoft Authenticode, Java applets, and almost any other application for which the code signing is necessary.
For protection of a given piece of code - usually one that is widely distributed on the Internet, each user can trust the source. For exemple, unsigned applications cannot be run on Adobe AIR due to Adobe specific requirements.
The advantage of using the certificate to sign the software is to warn the user before installing code that has already been modified and may be harmful.
There is also information about the identity of the publisher, along with a green tag, which ensures the authenticity and builds a positive image of the author of the code. DigiCert Code Signing Adobe AIR certificate prevents from changing the code by an unidentified third party. It provides authenticated signature and confirms the identity of both the certificate issuer and the organization that created the code.
DigiCert is a leading provider of encryption and authentication of digital services. It has a very wide range of different kinds of certificates and security on-line. The product line of the vendor is very diverse, in order to provide the customer the opportunity to use the services of one vendor to security all kinds of products .

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